On June 11 Mayor Emanuel officially recommended giving about $5 million to Vienna Beef to move its hot dog factory from the north side to Bridgeport. The mayor hailed it as a shrewd investment that will keep at least 250 jobs in Chicago for the next 15 years. Three days later the mayor’s school board fired Eron Easter, a 34-year-old special education teacher in a high-poverty school in Humboldt Park. Easter was one of 850 Chicago Public Schools employees fired by the mayor when he closed 50 schools. So if you’re keeping track on your scorecards at home, the mayor is down about 600 in the job-retention department for the last month—a fact you’ll never see him mention in any of the dozens of press releases he routinely sends out. As you might expect, Vienna’s $5 million comes from the tax increment financing program. That’s the one in which you, the taxpayer, cough up more in property taxes in the name of things you want, like schools, so that the mayor has more to spend on things you don’t want. Like $5 million for Vienna Beef.